How to Use FriendFeed from Email

At the office, we use FriendFeed for sharing and discussing links. It’s great for that. There’s a bookmark that lets you share links and images with a click. And we use groups to keep discussions (somewhat) on-topic – especially for our top-secret internal discussions.

Perhaps your office is like ours, however, in that Certain People are much more comfortable sharing links in email.

With yesterday’s redesign of FriendFeed, even email addicts can use all of FriendFeed’s functionality – from their email inbox.

Here’s how to setup FriendFeed to work with email –

  1. Add an email address to FriendFeed
  2. Post to FriendFeed by email
  3. Receive FriendFeed messages by email

Do these tips work for you? Let me know in the comments here – or find me on FriendFeed.