Nonprofit campaigns were how we got our start


I made a ground of Payne’s gray, Vandyke brown, and Naples yellow by squeezing these colors onto my canvases. I then tipped on Sansodor, an odorless paint thinner that I’d begun to use as a replacement for turps. Until a few years ago, when I opened the door to my flat the smell of turps was overpowering. Everyone commented on it. I loved the smell. All my clothes and my hair were saturated with its pungency. I wore the scent with pride, like a saint reveling in her hair shirt. If I lit candles in my front room in the evening, their flames would shoot up toward the ceiling, fueled by the gaseous fumes. But gradually, I found it harder to tolerate and it became difficult to breathe. I had constant sinus pain and headaches. I had to give it up. — Celia Paul, Against Any Intrusion: Writing to Gwen John

Apps for Good

I love my phone. Not so much for the phone part, but for the little computer in there that connects me to the world, no matter where I am. The phone has our calendars, our mail – and, increasingly, our volunteer opportunities. It’s the day timer of our times. But better than a day timer, the phone offers discovery, too. Lots of nonprofits and individuals are at work to make this discovery include nonprofits and volunteering. Here are a few of our favorite apps for good – apps that connect people to nonprofits and causes.