Post: Moving beyond apps contests

The goal of all of this has been to harness the excitement of development for good, but also to go beyond the contests — to build communities of practice. Peter calls these innovator networks. If we’re lucky, these may grow into innovation marketplaces that just might be self-sustaining. — Beyond Apps from Peter Corbett

That’s the hope, anyway. Meanwhile, it’s lots of experimentation. One prominent experiment, sponsored by Corbett’s iStrategy Labs, is this month’s Digital Capital Week (DCWeek). A week-long series of workshops, projects and parties, DCWeek aims to build ties among the creatives in the community. The week is bookended by weekends of hands-on projects for the city.

via casefoundation.org

My post for the Case Foundation this week covers apps contests and DCWeek’s attempt to build a more permanent culture of innovation. Peter Corbett’s thinking and work over at iStrategy Labs has been key.

If you’ll be in town for DCWeek, please join us Wednesday afternoon. Em Hall of the USO (@emilyhaha) and I will run a workshop on social media use for nonprofits. Lots of hands-on and answers to your social media questions. DCWeek Schedule.