Got npskillz? Tools & tactics for nonprofit social media

Em Hall and I presented to a great crowd at Digital Capital Week’s nonprofit day today. Thanks, everybody for turning out — and thanks for the super questions. Check them on Twitter #npskillz.

My favorite, “Focus on brand or issues for NPO social media?”

Humungous thanks to @emilyhaha for the kickoff idea and wisdom as always!


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Tools for Nonprofit Social Media #npskillz 

Em Hall


Eric Johnson
Case Foundation


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First, what are you trying to do?

  • Highlight great content
  • Get suggestions for new content or features
  • Trial balloon content ideas
  • Make friends in your business
  • Build traffic to your site 


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Social media by the minute Suggestions for busy people


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If you have 2 minutes

  • Re-Tweet
  • Like (Facebook, Google Reader, Digg, Stumble It)
  • Check in on Foursquare 



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If you have 5 minutes

  • Twitter - Tweet
  • Facebook wall post
  • Add your NPO to Foursquare
  • Upload photo to Flickr or Twitpic, etc.
  • Thank somebody (RT, email, Follow Friday)
  • Comment on a blog post


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If you have 30 minutes

  • Facebook photo album (or Flickr set)
  • Blog post, sharing style
  • Upload a Youtube video
  • Nonprofit overlay is your friend
  • Check Google Alerts
  • Add Twitter or Youtube to your Facebook page (Involver)


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If you have 60 minutes 

  • Write a longer blog post
  • Make a Twitter list
  • Analytics
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Insights
  • Bit.ly click-throughs
  • Feedburner
  • Update Wikipedia
  • Facebook custom tab 


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If you have 1 week 

  • Make a kit iPhone app that features your content
  • Build something with the Twitter or Foursquare API
  • Build a modest Facebook app 


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Questions? We've brought some, but we're open to yours


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On your mark 

  • How do I get started with these tools? 
  • How do I staff social media? 
  • We've got a blog. Where do posts come from? 


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How about a blog? 

  • Why would I use a blog vs Facebook or Twitter?
  • What blog tools are available (for free)?
  • Wordpress vs wordpress.com
  • Posterous
  • Your own domain 


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Facebook vs your brand 

  • Facebook Pages aka Fan Pages
  • A Facebook Community page is trumping my organization’s “Fan” page. Is there anything I can do about that?
  • How do I keep up with Facebook's changes?


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Photos, videos, etc. 

  • How should I consider using photos or video? 
  • How do I keep up with all of these channels?



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What goes where? 

  • What services should we feed together?
  • Automate that?
  • Add Twitter to my Facebook news feed?