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How to Use FriendFeed from Email

At the office, we use FriendFeed for sharing and discussing links. It’s great for that. There’s a bookmark that lets you share links and images with a click. And we use groups to keep discussions (somewhat) on-topic – especially for our top-secret internal discussions.

4 Steps to Happiness Working with GitHub Projects

Git is a great (and fashionable) source control management program. GitHub takes the pain out of hosting Git for a group – for both open-source and private projects. How to best use them together? The Way to Happiness has these 4 steps:

GitHub Best Practices

The folks at GitHub have taken the pain out of centralized Git hosting. Even better, they’ve built in tools that make distributed version control easy to use for group projects. But how to set up your repositories and branches to avoid merge pain? Here are two good options.

PHP Configuration for Leopard

Both Apache 2.2 and PHP 5 come with every installation of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. MySQL does not. There are a couple of tricks for installing and/or turning them on –and thereby attaining Development Happiness.

Building Git on Centos 5

So you want to use Git the latest hotness in distributed version control. It builds easily using the instructions in the INSTALL file.