JungleDisk 2.0 Gets Compatible S3 Buckets, Horray

The folks at JungleDisk released version 2.0 Monday. This is a major – and welcome – upgrade.

  • Redone graphical interface with lots more options for what to back up and when
  • Smoother handling of multiple buckets
  • Standard bucket and folder naming, so you can use your JungleDisk S3 data with other software like S3Fox
    • This requires converting your existing buckets to JD 2 format – which means that every machine accessing your JungleDisk must run version 2

Of course the Linux command line tools are still there for all of you rsync fans.

We’ll be updating our command-line configurations in the coming days. In the meantime, you can download the update from JungleDisk. It’s free for registered users.


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