Configuring JungleDisk on Linux - Revisited

We’ve updated our earlier howto JungleDisk for Linux Server Backups without X11 for the latest version of JungleDisk, 1.50.

  • The new version is more reliable for transferring lots of files, and rsync works better.
  • Rsync’s —archive flag now works as expected (though you still need —inplace).
  • jungledisk now uses Fuse directly rather than davfs, so prerequisites are different
  • The command-line jungledisk program now mounts by itself
  • The configuration file gets a bunch of new options

So check out our updated instructions for configuring JungleDisk 1.50 from the command line.

Still clinging to the past? The you can read our original instructions for JungleDisk versions 1.30 to 1.40.