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Post: Apps for Good

I love my phone. Not so much for the phone part, but for the little computer in there that connects me to the world, no matter where I am. The phone has our calendars, our mail – and, increasingly, our volunteer opportunities. It’s the day timer of our times. But better than a day timer, the phone offers discovery, too.

Lots of nonprofits and individuals are at work to make this discovery include nonprofits and volunteering. Here are a few of our favorite apps for good – apps that connect people to nonprofits and causes.

Just where are we paying attention?

I like Apple’s computers and phones. (It’s a vice, I know.) Over the past couple of weeks all of this iPad, iPhone iNews has allowed for plenty of indulgence of that vice. But yesterday, Steve Jobs said something that could impact how people find nonprofits - and everybody else - online. He said folks using the iPhone:

  • Spend about 30 minutes a day using apps
  • Are using apps, not searching