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iPad Pro-ductivity

It’s really impressive how good the larger iPad Pro is — and how suddenly the machine and its software have improved. At last Apple seems to have gotten serious about building on the strengths of the iPad’s larger screen, and the 12” iPad Pro has become a real productivity machine.1

  1. My point of comparison is an iPad Air and a Mini 2, both of which have no fingerprint reader and seem to lag while launching apps. The 12-inch Pro hardware is faster, the fingerprint reader a huge timesaver. And the machine can now multitask. In fact, I’m writing this while running update scripts for a couple of my servers — something that would have been impossible on my previous iPad Air. 

Ulysses 2.5 - All your texts, now on iPhone

The love of my writing life is Ulysses on the iPad Pro. The app is powerful enough to accommodate everything, with a restrained design that keeps that power from interfering with my thinking.