iPadOS text selection keyboard shortcuts

iPadOS and MacOS provide all sorts of keyboard shortcuts for text selection. Here’s a list of the built-in ones, all in one place.

These should work for all system apps and most other apps, too — although 3rd-party apps can add their own. Ulysses, for example, defines keys to a move a line up or down with Command-Control-Up/Down arrow, which is a shortcut I wish more apps would adopt!

Action External keyboard Text area Onscreen keyboard
Delete character backward Delete    
Delete character forward Globe-Delete or Control-D    
Delete word backward Option-Delete    
Delete word forward Globe-Option-Delete    
Move insertion point Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow Tap Two-finger drag
Select word   Double tap Two-finger tap
Select sentence     Two-finger double tap
Select paragraph   Triple tap Two-finger triple tap
Move insertion point by word left/right Option-Left/Right Arrow    
Select word left/right Shift-Option-Left/Right Arrow    
Move to the start/end of the current line Command-Left/Right Arrow    
Select to the start/end of the current line Shift–Command–Left/Right Arrow    
Select to the previous/next paragraph Option–Shift–Up/Down Arrow    
Select to the start/end of the document Shift–Command–Up/Down Arrow