Drupal Multisite Without Code

Just because you can create customize functionality in your Drupal site, that doesn’t mean you need to. Come see how SGIA.org transformed their web presence by coloring within the lines. Not only did they build three websites on one installation and incorporate commerce functionality, they also created an online experience dedicated to ensuring their audience can find the rich and useful content they offer.

Cindy McCourt and I put together a presentation for #CapitalCampDC, where we shared the strategies we used, the issues we faced, and the solutions we devised. This includes:

  • Tagging strategies and related content
  • Not your typical search functionality
  • Transitioning strategies to move between three themes
  • Commerce functionality and multiple domains

Slides from the presentation are available over on Slideshare.

Doing Drupal Multi-site without code from el-studio.com