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Notes from the cloud by Eric Johnson

Decentralization and resilience

Dan Wang writes in his 2021 letter from China about the situation on the ground. He’s lived in China for years, and his annual letters have been a window into the country from his perspective traveling around the country, following manufacturing and engineering developments for his day job as an analyst.

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Exposure Notifications revisited

Myoung Cha lead the Exposure Notifications (EN) team at Apple. The team had high hopes for their privacy-preserving approach to notifications, but the technology was not widely adopted in the United States.

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Who are we building for anyway?

Chelsea Troy has brilliant advice for product development teams. Serving folks at the margins tends to produce something that’s better for everybody — and it can lead to breakthroughs.

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Ways of thinking about COVID risk

I’ve been thinking about COVID risk — how we measure it and how to choose activities that are worthwhile. Like many places in the US, here in Virginia most schools are opening remotely. It’s a decision that pretty much nobody is happy with, but that may prove to be for the best.

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