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Drupal is Legos for Websites

Maybe we’ve recommended building your website with Drupal, the content management system (CMS). Perhaps you’ve heard how the White House and Congress and Sony Music (and many, many others) use Drupal for their public websites.

What I learned from ripping 16,000 articles from PDF into Drupal

First off, Drupal is made for lots of content – 16,000 articles is no problem. Taxonomy, views, search – so much of what you need for handling big content is baked into the Drupal platform. Add Apache Solr for faceted search, and you have a scalable, flexible web publishing platform.

GitHub Best Practices

The folks at GitHub have taken the pain out of centralized Git hosting. Even better, they’ve built in tools that make distributed version control easy to use for group projects. But how to set up your repositories and branches to avoid merge pain? Here are two good options.