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How I Sold Our Web Servers and Moved to the Cloud

At NTEN, the nonprofit tech conference, last year I met a developer who was really exited. One of the vendors on the floor was giving away Pentium 3 processors, and he had a box that could use an extra boost.

Tim O'Reilly: Web Meets World

Tim O’Reilly’s keynote this morning at the Web 2.0 Expo NY was inspired and inspiring. To be in New York this week, with markets crazy and the Feds bailing out Wall Street icons – and talking web 2.0. That’s not an enviable spot. And Tim handled it by going to the heart – musing on what it means for the web to meet the world.

Post: Letter to CIO: OpenID, Please

I sent a letter to our CIO the other day asking for OpenID for the office. Strikes me that OpenID is one place where traditional interests of IT (ensuring users have access to what they need, compliance) jibe with those of Web 2.0 service users.

Post: Helping Ghana without Reinventing the Wheel

A friend’s client wanted to help Ghana. Microlending seemed to be a good way to do it. The client would collect money in the US, and fund small loans to farmers and entrepreneurs in Ghana. The web might even make the first half of this — collecting money and telling the stories of who was helped — easy.