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Four Lessons from the Kiva Debate

My post on the Case Foundation blog this week sums up the debate over Kiva and person-to-person fundraising. Plus audio, for your pod-listening pleasure.

The Point (of #DCTwestival)

Talk about social media. Last night’s Twestival in Washington DC raised funds for Miriam’s Kitchen, which provides meals and support for DC’s homeless. While the organizers have yet to announce how much money was raised, Miriam’s Kitchen says that last night they received enough to provide more than 10,000 meals for the homeless.

Using Flickr Creatively: 3 Arts Organizations Innovate

Flickr combines the power of visual storytelling with the very nature of a social network - engagement and conversation. Three arts organizations (Houston Ballet, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art and Luce Foundation Center for American Art) are innovating ways to use Flickr creatively, and in the process offering backstage passes to the organization, amplifying programming, and engaging stakeholders in real decision-making.